Does Email Marketing Still Work?

What’s the one thing you did this morning before anything else? Before you brushed your teeth, popped your coffee pod into your Nespresso or jumped in the shower? Here’s a hint. Your neighbor did it too. Your co-worker, your dog walker, your personal trainer–they all did it. Yep, that’s right. You and more than half of us who have email accounts (59% to be exact) checked our email. About 99% of us check our email every day and some of us check it about 20 times a day so when we talk about email marketing and it being dead and all, we need to do a quick gut check. 


So we know people are still using email on the regular, but is it still effective in making you money? Well, think about why you join an email list. Maybe it’s to stay up to speed on current events and industry news but most likely it’s to be in the know on a deal or promotion from your favorite brand. In fact, 60% of consumers join an email list for that very reason, whereas only 20% of Instagram users follow a brand.

Engagement on email is clearly higher than social media where only about 14% of social media users check in before they make their AM smoothie. That’s a serious discrepancy from email to social. Additionally, the algorithms for social are constantly changing, leaving that super cute selfie of you and your AM smoothie hanging out in the “never to be seen” social space. Bottom line: email reaches most of the people you send it to and your social media posts might never get there.


I’ve heard that every 1 email subscriber translates to $1 in revenue and that for every dollar you spend on an email marketing campaign it has a potential to be worth $44. That’s an insane ROI. I can personally count on one hand how many times I’ve clicked through an Instagram story and actually purchased a product (twice!) but I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve clicked through an email and bought something (countless!). Truth is, email converts.

Still on the fence? Test it out yourself. Put together a small email campaign for your offering alongside a social media campaign and see how they both fare. I’ll bet my money on email converting more subscribers into buyers. It may seem old school, but it gets the job done. 

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